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Welcome to the Student Plans Center!

The Student Plans Division was formed by Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance in 1987 for the purpose of providing a unique and highly secure insurance program for College and University Students throughout the United States.

As an organization having the responsibilities for thousands of young lives, we want you to know the organization you trust understands your needs and takes your special situation as seriously as you do.

That's why so many educational institutions turn to The Student Plans Division, administered by Commercial Travelers Insurance for their Student and Special Risk Coverage, Our capabilities and experience are unique, as is our commitment to our Policyholders.

Our experienced Insurance Professionals understand your concerns, provide courteous counsel and speak the language of our insured and the School Administrators and Officials charged with the responsibility of selecting the best possible coverage for their students. The Student Plans Division is committed to excellence in administering these programs. Prompt follow-up with fast and fair Claim Settlement is our top priority.

The Student Plans Division provides and administers carefully designed insurance plans for colleges and universities, plus a variety of standard accident insurance programs for primary and secondary schools. We protect more than a million students with our policies each year.